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Over time, most video poker games can be expected to return 95-100 percent of the money bet to the player (occasionally, you can even find games that return more than 100% with perfect play). But the expected payouts of games can vary widely between casinos as well as between games in the same casino. The difference between a game returning 96 percent and one returning 99 percent is dramatic. This is because we tend to play more than just one hand, and in fact usually play tens, hundreds, or even thousands of hands over the course of a casino visit. On average, a $20 deposit will pay for four times as many hands on a 99 percent game as it will on a 96 percent game (at five quarters per hand). Put another way, the 25c player may, on average, lose $720 in a typical weekend on a 96% game, but will average only $180 in losses on a 99% game. The more hands you can play given your bankroll, the more likely you are to hit a Royal Flush or other high-paying hand, so exhausting your bankroll on low-paying machines isn't a great strategy.

It is not unusual to find a bank of games having one or two higher paying games with the adjoining games offering much lower paybacks. Yet, you'll often find uninformed players at one of the lower paying games sitting next to an available full-pay game.

If you want to maximize your winnings and minimize your losses at video poker, it is critical that you play only the best games. Here, we'll help you select casinos and games that will increase your chances of winning, and avoid those that take your hard-earned cash. Check out our Essentials pages for more information on the games to play (and those to avoid).

A key attraction of gambling is the "streak", or "swing" of the game. A player can go from a string of losses one minute to a string of wins the next, and this contributes to the excitement of the game. Statistically, this is a result of the "variance" of the game. When statisticians refer to variance, they're talking about how strongly a game adheres to its average return. Games with higher variance will have "wilder" swings and many people are attracted to this feature.

When speaking of variance, however, it is important to remember that games will generate an average return based on their paytables. Over the millions of hands that are played on a given game, any game will generate a return for the casino that is at least as great as the paytable implies ("at least", because many players will not play the game correctly, which increases the casino's return). Games can't be adjusted or influenced while you are playing them; they are exactly what the paytable says they are.

As a general rule, it is worth remembering that the outcome of every hand of video poker is independent of what happened in the hands before. If you hit a Royal Flush on one hand, the odds of hitting one on the next hand are precisely the same as the hand before.

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